How to Find Cigars at the Best Prices Online

It’s no secret that online retailers tend to offer lower prices than the average store, and when it comes to the specialized world of premium cigars, there are even more ways to save. If you’re looking to buy a box of your favorite cigar or just trying to build up your collection with some new blends, you may be wondering how to find cigars at the best prices online. Thanks to Cigarfinder, you can compare cigar prices at nearly every retailer in one place so you don’t have to visit every single site individually before making your purchase!

What is
the cigar finder website allows you to enter in a flavor profile and size of the cigar you’re looking for. From there, the site will return dozens of cigars that meet your criteria and are within a certain price range based on how much you’re willing to spend. This way, whether you’re trying out new smokes or just want something with a higher-quality construction and taste, it can quickly show you where exactly online cigars sell for good prices. Once you find the type of cigar that appeals most to your palate, you’ll be able to shop from multiple retailers with ease. On top of helping you select the right cigars for you, the website makes finding them easy by allowing you to compare reviews, scores, and sales all at once so that you’re confident about the purchase before pulling the trigger. The best part is that cigarfinder gives consumers more choice over what they spend their money on without having to sacrifice quality for cost; think of it as being like Priceline’s search engine for premium stogies. What used to take hours now takes minutes – unless, of course, choosing between so many great options doesn’t give you enough time! The company plans to soon offer access to a vast library of video content related to the world of premium tobacco products, which includes cigars, pipes, and hookahs. The first step toward obtaining such lofty goals is always the hardest one: getting started. But those who get through that initial process often find themselves enjoying smooth sailing down the road ahead—even if only metaphorically speaking when it comes to winding roads leading up mountainsides and such. For example, planning an event might seem hard at first but gets easier every step along the way until finally reaching the point where it feels like second nature. Still not convinced?

how do I use the website?
The first step is to visit the Cigar Finder website. The site makes it easy to search for cigars by price, brand, size, and a number of other factors. Once you’ve picked out a few cigars that seem appealing you can add them all up and see what their prices are combined – right there on the same page! This will save you time and effort because the next time you want some premium cigars, simply return to Cigar Finder and use the compare your results option again to make sure you get the best prices available. It doesn’t take much time or effort but over time it will have a huge impact on your cigar-buying experience! The extra dollar saved here and there adds up quickly – not only will you be getting better prices but the way in which Cigar Finder compares these prices, simply click “shop now” and complete your purchase on the retailer’s website. In addition, many online stores offer coupon codes on the very pages Cigar Finder references so that saving extra money is just a little bit easier than before!

Why Use Cigar Finder?
This is the Priceline of cigars! Use Cigar Finder as a comparison tool when buying premium cigars. It’s easy and fast to search prices online. Many cigar shops only have limited access to inventory, yet all these brands and more are available at your fingertips through the resources found on our site. Whether you’re shopping for cigars for sale or trying to find the best deals for your favorite shop, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re a seasoned aficionado or just beginning your journey into the world of smoking great cigars, we’ve got you covered with: Price Comparisons: Search & compare cigar prices on an array of popular products including full-sized stogies and mini-cigars from Cohiba, Macanudo Ashton & many more!

Compare Prices online between many Cigar online retailers
The easiest way to compare prices online between cigar sellers is through a price comparison engine. There are many different shopping comparison engines that allow users to search and compare prices of various goods including premium cigars such as Cohiba, Davidoff, Avo Uvezian. One of the most popular shopping engines with premium cigar lovers is called The Priceline of cigars; where users can quickly compare prices online between numerous premium cigar retailers including Altadis and JR Alternatives.

Why are cigar prices so different?
A lot of people don’t realize the amount of variation in cigar prices. Even within the same line, box and size can vary significantly, as well as depending on which store or website you’re shopping from. If you go into a cigar shop expecting to find out how much a cigar costs, it might be quite a shock when they tell you that the one you want costs ten dollars more than what your friend has told you.

What are you waiting for? Find Good deals on Premium cigar brands
The Internet is the great equalizer, and it’s particularly useful when it comes to finding great deals on premium cigars. That’s because there are a number of places where cigar smokers can buy their cigars online. By comparison shopping online, you may find that the prices you pay for your favorite cigars can be as little as 25% to 30% of what they cost at traditional brick-and-mortar tobacconists. And the best part? This price difference doesn’t include any shipping costs or taxes; most e-cigar outlets offer free shipping with every order and don’t collect sales tax!

Michael Jordan’s Cigar Auction: How Much Will This Be Worth?


Michael Jordan is regarded as one of the greatest basketball players in history, and he’s also known for being somewhat of a celebrity in his own right. In fact, the news of the day isn’t complete without some Michael Jordan news, whether it be an interview or another story about him donating to charity or taking his family on vacation. However, when it comes to Michael Jordan news that has hit the headlines in recent months, there’s one story that stands out above all others – the story of Michael Jordan’s cigar auction.

Sports Memorabilia Auctions Aren’t What They Used To Be
It used to be that anything related to Michael Jordan was an instant goldmine. He still has a loyal fan base that pays millions for his memorabilia, but it’s not what it used to be. Do you think he can command over $100k for his cigar or will he have to settle with $50k at most? What is your estimate? Is there other sports memorabilia that could bring in more than MJ’s cigar?

Why would anyone want this cigar, anyway?
It might be worth thousands of dollars to a collector, or it might just be some old cigar that Michael Jordan chucked into a box after smoking. We have no idea—but we do know it will sell for thousands of dollars. That’s what makes auctions fun; you never really know what people are willing to pay for until their checkbook opens. Will someone really shell out $20,000? $100,000? Let’s find out!

Where Does Michael Jordan Fit in Today’s Sports World?
Today’s sports world is quite different from that of Michael Jordan’s era. Consider, for example, that LeBron James has a new contract with Nike worth $1 billion—almost five times more than Michael Jordan ever signed for in 1995 ($33 million). Even if one agrees with every criticism of today’s athletes as greedy and selfish (many would probably agree), it doesn’t change the fact that there are now more avenues to make money from basketball than ever before. From shoe deals, to advertising endorsements, to jersey sales on eBay, basketball players have far more ways to add zeroes to their bank accounts than they did back when they played MJ. In short: while MJ may well be worth $500 million by himself (some estimates put his net worth at closer to half a billion dollars), he no longer stands as tall among his peers or his successors as he once did.

Why would someone buy such a thing – or even ask to have it a half-smoked cigar in the first place?
If a half-smoked cigar autographed by Michael Jordan is auctioned off, could you imagine that person trying to collect and smoke other sports stars’ cigars or even their saliva on money and other items of value? We’ve seen some weird things go up for auction in our day, but maybe there really is no limit to what humans will buy or sell. And with that in mind, why wouldn’t an individual do just about anything for cold hard cash? Or how about someone asking how much would one be willing to pay for a letter written by Abraham Lincoln during his presidency? Someone is bound to ask What else ya got?, and it’s worth checking out.

The Price of Cigars Has Never Been Higher
According to Forbes, cigar prices have never been higher. As of March 2017, you could buy a box of Cuban Cohiba Behike BHK 56 cigars for $46,000. What is so special about these cigars? According to Forbes the quality and rarity of these cigars are unmatched by anything else in today’s market. The cigar itself features an all-Nicaraguan tobacco filler and binder with a Nicaraguan habano oscuro wrapper grown in volcanic soil near Esteli. Not to mention that only 1,000 boxes will be produced worldwide… making them exceedingly rare. If that doesn’t impress you, maybe its size will – each Behike comes in at 5 inches long and 52 ring gauge. There is no other cigar like it currently on today’s market. So why exactly did Michael Jordan auction off his cigar collection recently? It turns out MJ was dying to go on another spending spree – but unfortunately he needed cash first.

Where Is The World’s Most Valuable Michael Jordan Jersey Now?
The most valuable Michael Jordan jersey isn’t in a museum or being worn by a billionaire basketball fan. Instead, it’s on display at an auction house in New Jersey. You know, in case anyone wants to buy it for any reason at all. Maybe that one rich guy who has everything and loves MJ is looking for something new to add to his collection of memorabilia. As you might imagine, there’s been some interest already!