Why is BIG DADDY special?

Why is a Big Daddy Smoker so special?

The Big Daddy Smoker is the heaviest grill in its class—we use the heaviest materials for long life. Then we double wall and insulate the body (including the cover!)—this does two things, it keeps your outdoor kitchen cooler and gives you exceptional heat control inside the smoker. Wind and cold temperatures have very little effect on your cooking temperatures.

With multiple fireboxes and dampers allowing absolute control, multi-level cooking and the rotisserie carousel make all styles of cooking a breeze. For smoking and baking, even steaming, the indirect bi-directional heating patterns provide the perfect even heating, while direct heat for grilling and searing can be controlled for the perfect crosshatch pattern.

The  heavy duty .25” stainless steel grate has been removed so you can see the upper fire box.

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