Scotty Smoker 2400


When we say the heaviest grill in its class, we don’t pull any punches. The 24” SCOTTY SMOKER weighs in at 610 lbs.

This monster is built to last – a combination of ¼” thick, 12 gage and 14 gage mild and stainless steel. A combination of beautiful welds, stainless steel bolts, and stainless steel rivets are used to build your  SCOTTY SMOKER – we use the right technique to provide the best finished product.

And then we coat the exterior in a high heat zinc base-coat and an amazing 1200 degree finish coat of Powder-coat – 10 times more durable than a painted finish. During assembly, we Insulate your smoker with ceramic insulation to keep the heat in – for both temperature control and to keep the heat out of your outdoor kitchen.

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In any revolution, your enemy is the establishment-the ones that have been in control forever and have become complacent.  They are resting on their laurels. Big Daddy Smokers are designed to buck the system.  We are more like an evolution!!

Big Daddy Smokers are one of a kind, for all intense purposes. The incredibly versatile design and a real wood or charcoal grill/smoker allows you to smoke, grill, sear, bake, steam, or cook on the rotisserie, and change styles quickly and easily—something NO other smoker or grill can accomplish.

We work very hard on providing a great cooker, extremely HD compared with what competition is out there but providing more versatility than any other manufacture in the World.  Bringing you a work of art to say the least.
The models BDS2400 “Scotty” and the BDS3600 “Big Daddy” are both built on the same High-End platform that we designed with features and components like double walled construction with ½” military, food grade Cerra insulation which gives you exceptional heat control inside the smoker and minimal use of cooking wood or charcoal during a competition or in your back yard.
Multiple fire boxes for either charcoal and/or wood in the upper “grill” zone or in the “lower” smoker box both built very HD. Stainless Steel components inside and out for ease of clean up and durability.

Cooking Surfaces

Cooking Surfaces


546 sq./in with Lower (only) Rotisserie Racks

1014 sq./in with Both Upper and Lower Racks

  • 4 ea. Rotisserie Racks Lower 304 Stainless Steel 14 ga. 19.5”X7”
  • 4 ea. Rotisserie Racks Upper 304 Stainless Steel 14 ga. 18”X6.5”

Flat Rack Smoking

1110 sq./in with All 3 Levels of Racking

  • 2 ea. Custom HD Plate Grill Grates Stainless Steel ¼” 24”X22.5”
  • 2 ea. Wire Rod Grates Stainless Steel ¼” 19”X12”
  • 1 ea. Wire Upper Smoking/Warming Rack ¼” 24”X4.75”

Grilling & Searing

654 sq./in Grilling Surface with Upper Rack

  • 2 ea. Custom HD Plate Grill Grates Stainless Steel ¼” 24”X22.5”
  • 1 ea. Wire Upper Grilling/Warming Rack ¼” 24”X4.75”



  • Overall Height 49”
  • Overall Width with Counter/Shelf 47 ½”
  • Overall Width W/O Counter/Shelf 29”
  • Grill Body Width 26”
  • Grill Body Depth with Handle 27”
  • Grill Body Depth W/O Handle 23”
  • Charcoal-Wood Box “Grill” 10 ga. 20 ½”X17 ½”
  • Fire Box “Smoking” 10 ga. 18”X17 ½”
  • Ash Pan 12 ga. 24”X16 ½”
  • Drip Pan with Spicket Stainless Steel 304 16 ga.27”X17 ½”
  • Water Pan Stainless Steel 304 16 ga. 21 ½”X17 ½”
  • Weight 450 lbs.



Your SCOTTY SMOKER can ship via truck freight to a loading dock near you, be purchased at the best outdoor cooking dealers, or if you prefer, picked up at our factory in Hartford, WI. If shipping, we will verify the cost and be make those arrangements prior to shipping. The 24” SCOTTY SMOKER weighs in at 610 lbs.

While we try to keep an inventory of units at our facility, we occasionally run short. If there will be any delay in shipping your unit, we will be in touch with the timing of your unit.

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