We gathered the most often asked questions, safety and lighting information here.



As with any outdoor cooking, keep the area clear of flammable materials. Watch children and pets, and don’t let them play too close. Keep a reasonable space around your Big Daddy to allow air to circulate.


Your Big Daddy Smoker is almost fully assembled. You’ll have to add the outer shelves and handles, and unwrap and place all the “innards”. If it takes you more than 15 minutes to put together, set down your drink and use two hands!

Where can I buy a Big Daddy?

Here on the website is one place, otherwise the finest patio and outdoor cooking suppliers should be able to help you out. Watch for our dealer map to grow with us.

How long do I need to wait for a Big Daddy Smoker?

Lead times will vary a little, but 2-3 weeks is about normal. If you are lucky enough to have a stock dealer in your area, you might have it later today. We can give a close estimate at time of order placement.

How can I pay for my Big Daddy?

Everybody loves a handful of American greenbacks, but we also accept most major credit cards and PayPal. We try to be easy to get along with.

Is outdoor lighting necessary?

Well, that depends – do you like to see what you are cooking? The answer is yes, how you light is up to you, but you should have enough light to clearly see anything you are cooking.

Will my Big Daddy Smoker make me a great cook?

It will make good outdoor cooks excellent and great ones experts. Have you thought about BBQ competition? If you are a bad cook, it will still help – practice, practice, practice and try some of Big Daddy’s favorite recipes.

What is the best cooking wood?

Well, you just asked which one is my favorite child! It depends on your taste and what you are cooking. With our recipes, we make recommendations – but feel free to freelance and make your own choices. The best wood should be good and solid (not punky and rotting). We prefer to use kiln dried because the low moisture content gives us a consistent burn.

Where can I buy cooking wood?

Many retailers are starting to carry cooking woods as the popularity of real wood cooking continues to grow. Many of our dealers also offer it; Gourmet Wood Products (gourmetwood.com) is a prime example. Remember, the better the wood, the better the taste.

Where is Big Daddy Smokers?

We are based in Wisconsin, which puts us in the central time zone. Our normal hours are 8:30 to 4:30 Monday through Friday. If we don’t answer, it is because we are helping someone else get their Big Daddy Smoker taken care of. Just leave us a message, we check them regularly – or jump over to the contact page and drop us a quick note.

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