A word from Big Daddy

 A word from Big Daddy himself, Scotty.

Having been a foodie all my life, and having raised three beautiful daughters who love my cooking, I ran the gambit of grills and smokers. Tried the cheapies—and the expensive ones—and they all lacked a few things I think are crucial to have one unit that covers all the bases. No one was building a single unit that could “do it all”, all 6 styles of outdoor cooking that I love.

So, I rounded up a few friends, we grabbed a few cold drinks, fired up an old smoker, put our heads together, and started to design the best smoker/grill available today. It not only needed to be a smoker and grill, but be able to bake, steam, and sear properly. Oh yeah, and have a carousel rotisserie to maximize how much smoking we can do—better than double the food of most smokers in the same footprint – 60 lbs in our 24” Scotty smoker!

So what are you waiting for? I’m getting hungry.

Two carousel carriages and the steamer pan are showing at the top, through the upper fire door – while through the lower fire door you can see the lower firebox and the ash pan.

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